Organic Soy-Based Cheeze


Its our best seller because it’s so similar to the popular cheese called Boursin. The flavours are intense which makes it our most flavourful cheeze we make. It’s a crowd favorite for people looking for a herb and garlic cream cheese spread.



Dillicious is is a dill and garlic cream cheeze spread. It has the same texture and spreadability as the cheezes above but really focuses on the dill flavour. This cheeze was developed from customers who demanded a dill flavoured cheese. Dillicious is a great addition to bagels, baked potatoes, salads and a base to make homemade greek tzatziki.

Grilled Vegetables


We took the popular Voursin and added sweetened cranberries. This version is our best seller during the Holiday Season and sell it all year long. The added sweetness lightens the herb and garlic intensity which makes it a great cheese and cracker spread or charcuterie board highlight.



Veta is a simple and easy swap anywhere you might use greek style feta. It is exceptional on salads, pizza, pasta, baked potatoes, burritos or smear it on crackers, bagels, wraps or toast.